Welcome to the home of the Tan Lan Pure bred Ouessant sheep, bred for quality in three beautiful colours.


Small and super pets, the tiny sheep are useful in many different situations, do you own a country business where the public spend time, would it benefit from some petting animals?  These sheep love being handled and are an asset in many situations, even being taken into nursery schools and residential homes. Young and old alike love the little sheep, who are gentle and will not knock you over 

 Below is an illustration of the Ouessant's curiosity and friendliness.

Ouessants get along with other species of animals including well behaved dogs.



 Gracie is saying hello to her new friends, wethers from Tan Lan settling into their new home at Small Wonders Farm, in Buckinghamshire.  They all look very pleased to meet each other.

wp_000297.jpgOuessant Sheep are a small and compact breed of sheep which comes from the small island of that name, about 12 miles off the most westerly point of Brittany. Reached by ferry or small aircraft the island covers some 6 square miles, with harsh weather, strong winds and storms. Population of around 850. It is known for it's lighthouses, 6 in total. Ouessant marks the beginning of the English chanel, although originally a maritime island today it is tourists who bring the trade. See the Ouessant Island page for photos of the Island.

The Island's little sheep are claimed to be the smallest in the world, with the rams shoulder height at just 48-50cm (19 inches)and the ewes 45-46cm (17 - 18 inches). Generally Ouessant Sheep are roughly 5-6cm smaller than the comparable measurements for the smallest British breed, the primitive Soay. The maximum adult weight is approx. 20 kgs (41 lbs).

Ouessant Sheep very rarely produce twins, and it’s unlikely that such a small sheep could carry or raise more than one lamb. Two Ouessants will only take the space of one conventional sheep, therefore they are ideal for small spaces such as paddocks or orchards.

As with all sheep, they cannot be kept as a single pet, as sheep need company of other sheep to keep them stress free.

                              IF YOU HAVE GOT ONE OF THESE 







These sweet little sheep are greener, more labour saving, definitely entertaining, they are good fertilizers, cuddly and fun, now NO MOWER can be described like that!  The tiny Ouessant fulfills many catagories, from "backyard" sheep, Petting Zoos, Holiday sites, visiting Nursery Schools and Residential homes, and of course are fantastic for smallholders.  These are just some of their uses, not to mention that they make the most wonderful pets, with great personalities!





For Sale

Various ages, colours and sexes are often for sale, please contact us for up to date availablility.


Ouessant Sheep only need simple sheep care, instruction and ongoing advice is always available, call or e.mail.

These little sheep are not great escape artists, they do not jump, only off of all fours in play! They are good at following you and therefore can easily be trained to come into a confined space if necessary. They adore cuddles, therefore are good with small children, being of a calm gentle nature and of course their small size of between 45 - 50 cms.













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If you have horses, and want to clean up your paddocks using rotation with sheep, Ouessants are ideal as they eat what the horses leave behind, including Docks, and of course they are low maintenance.


Even OAPs like me can manage these sheep! I stand the Ouessants on a low table, to carry out some maintenance. What other breed of sheep can you actually sit in a chair to shear!