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We are a small holding in the north west of Gloucestershire between Newent and Ross-on-Wye.

Our Ouessants are a retirement hobby after a lifetime of keeping horses and ponies. We have previously kept Jacob and Welsh Black Mountain sheep to run with the horses.

As we are not now as agile as we once were, the Ouessant Sheep had a great appeal as their small size, hardiness and friendly natures suggested a very easy to cope with breed of sheep. They have lived up to our expectations, they are great fun and a pleasure to look after.


wp_001073.jpgIn the house is Mark our German Shepherd. Bought in August 2012 at 8 weeks, this is "Mark" photo taken at 9.5 months.

mark-300x300.jpgMark on his 1st birthday. 3rd July 2013


Mark On his second birthday 03.07.2014


Opening my presents Christmas 2014.  I love my new blue ball!



Mark enjoying his paddling pool, which is actually a pond rigid liner, as ordinary paddling pools are unable to stand up to his boysterious treatment.




Here I am on my 3rd Birthday, enjoying my new tunnel!  It didn't take me long to master this one, my Mum showed me the entrance and threw my ball down it and away I went, now I cannot stop nipping through it!


April 2016.

Here I am sitting amongst the wild daffodils and Wood Anenomes.  Mum says that our local woods here at Dymock was featured on a recent Countryfile programme, because it is one of a very few places in the Country where the wild Daffodils grow.

We walk through them every day, when Mum takes me on my morning exercise.




 smartie-and-sugar-puff-300x300.jpg As mentioned above, we kept ponies for many years, I have ridden since I was 9 years old, both for pleasure and as a job, including riding the Queen's youngsters as a stable "lad" in Newmarket. From the late 1980s, Graham and I had a Welsh Pony Stud, and bred and showed Welsh Mountain and Welsh Section C ponies. Here are our last two mares with foals at foot, above is Saethydd Belle, with Saethydd Beau and in the small picture is Saethydd Smartie with Saethydd Sugar Puff.   Our prefix was Saethydd, translated loosely from Welsh it means "Archer", our surname. 

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