Black was the original colour of Ouessant sheep, they originated in the 1700s, on the island of Ouessant, off the coast of Brittany. Cared for by the women, the wool was used for making clothing, needing no dying. Brown sheep were sometimes born, but, not favoured. They were also used for meat, which is very lean. These original sheep were crossed with larger white sheep from the main land, to increase the size of the animal, hence the white Ouessant was born.

MEET ....


 Byron is the new boy on the block, as Forest has moved on to pastures new.  Tom to his friends he is settling in very well and has arrived with his son "Tonto", a lamb from this Year. (2014). 

Taken this morning (29.11.2014)are these two atmospherice photos of Tom's head, with the sun's rays behind him.




 Tonto, September 2014.  Tonto has now moved on, to head up a small flock of ewes, we send him and  his new owners very best wishes for the future. 

Below, Forest our original black ram.

Our black flock was originally headed by "Forest".



 Pictured above in his second breeding year, he has matured well, and has seven ewes with him this time. He gave us some lovely lambs last Year, so we are very excited to see his lambs this Year.




All in a row .. nearly!                                        Three wethers

Joining Forest's ewes' for this breeding season 2013/14, is a young yearling, India, newly arrived here at Tan Lan, she came with our new Caramel Isis, see Caramel page.



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